Francês & Esporte

Você quer aprender francês e ao mesmo tempo praticar o seu esporte preferido ? France Langue oferece um leque de programas de francês que associam o aprendizado da língua e a prática de uma atividade esportiva. Os nossos programas estão abertos a todos: iniciantes e avançados.

Nossos programas
de francês e esportes

3 dos nossos destinos estão localizados nas mais belas costas da França: o Mar Mediterrâneo, o Oceano Atlântico e o Mar do Caribe. Algo para mantê-lo ocupado fora das aulas de francês!

O programa “Poliesportiva” não está disponível em 2022.

Thrill seeker? Surf the world famous waves of Biarritz! Cosmopolitan and lively, Biarritz is the essential destination for surfers and one of the most welcoming cities in France. Ideal for thrill seekers who will discover a city that lives to the rhythm of the Atlantic Ocean.
Passionate about tennis? This program accessible to all allows students to combine sport and learning the French language while exploring Nice and its surroundings. Perfect your serve, your forehand or your backhand on clay in the sunny setting of the French Riviera!
This program, accessible to all, allows the students to discover and practice different water sport activities, such as windsurfing, diving or jet skiing ! Beginner or expert, we can offer the students the right course to suit their level. Thrills and a change of scenery guaranteed !
Want exoticism and thrills? Discover the new fashionable nautical sport in heavenly conditions! Pulled by a kite, slide on a turquoise sea. A more modern and sensational version of windsurfing!
Join us in France Langue Biarritz. Improve your swing  by the sea, at the Ilbarritz International Golf Training Center and practice French while enjoying the sublime landscapes of the Basque coast.
This program, accessible to all, allows you to combine learning the French language and discovering the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea! Dive with us!